The Final Message From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Thinks Its Okay to be Gay. Do you?
Steve Jobs thinks its Okay to be Gay. Do you?

If you believe that Steve Jobs knew what he was doing than you would stick up for gay rights.

Steve Jobs selected as his replacement for the largest company in the world, Tim Cook – who happens to be gay.

Do you think this visionary knew what he was doing and sending a message to the world?

One of the reasons that I chose London as the home of Webpreneur Academy is that I agree with the values of the place.  Minorities don’t get discriminated in the laws of the country.

I am not a gay man, but it doesn’t mean I don’t empathise with how hard it can be to be gay and to be discriminated against.  Remember that the smoking ban also started in 1987 in California and 15 years or so started spreading to the rest of the world.

Being a head of a company and being gay also started in California and how long will it be until it becomes accepted in your part of the world?

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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King

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