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  • Created software used by Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Samsung
  • Won the European prize for innovation
  • Author of five books which teach the mindset, business and Internet skills to become successful in the digital age (downloadable here for FREE)
  • Teach Digital Entrepreneurship to help leaders grow their wealth online by providing them knowledge or a team to execute their vision
  • Help hire, train and manage technology teams to help you bring your vision to reality
  • Offer an affiliate program so that you can earn 25 % of whatever we sell
  • Schedule a FREE digital strategy coaching call to save time and money on things that took our team years to learn in bringing digital innovations to market

Want a short cut to your digital journey?

Corporate and government clients include:

I teach people to create wealth online

I give people ideas and help them think differently about mindset, entrepreneurship and Internet

Robbie and Sam worked with our team to bring their innovative app to market

Roz went from never running a business to signing over EURO 7 million deals within 3 years of working with our team

Soraya had never run a digital business and was able to go from zero to employing 25 people within a year of working with us

Bobby runs a SAAS platform and was able to take his company in a new growth direction after a short strategy session with us

Tina was able to expand her corporate business in the digital world after getting some digital insights 

I don't do many events but when I do people love learning and getting inspired about Internet entrepreneurship

Mohsin came from being an average high school student to becoming a millionaire and a top graduate in his University

People love coming to our events even skipping work so that they can set a new life for themselves

Speaking with me for even a short time will help you get your strategy together for the web

Andy already has a million dollar company and wanted to take his life and business to the next level

Azeem's father paid for his training. He used it to earn his first dollar online while he was still in high school and by the time he graduated he was in the top 1 % of earners in his country

Bruno hired some of our team and is still working with us 4 years later


  • All my books are FREE and open source 
  • This means you can download the books, change the content and even become my co-author
  • You can sell the books and keep all the income (the only requirement is that Amir Anzur is at least mentioned as one of the authors)
  • If you signup as an affiliate you can distribute the books to your lists and make up to 50 % of the revenue from any new clients you help us get
  • You can sell the physical books through your Ubers, Coffee Shops or other retail stores.  Simply buy them directly from Amazon for USD 5 per copy and sell for USD 10, USD 15, USD 20 etc...  You can make affiliate commissions on top of selling the books too.


The Study of Wealth Creation

History, geography, and biology are taught in school but has anyone ever taught you about wealth creation?

Shouldn’t the ability to create wealth in your life be a mandatory subject, so you don’t need to struggle with money?

So much anxiety, stress and other mental health issues arise around money. Yet, so few people take the time to learn what it is.

Written in an easy to read format, this book will teach you how you can accelerate your wealth creation journey and help you tackle an essential aspect of your life.
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Mental Wealth

How to Live a Happy Life in the Digital Age

You want to lose the excess weight, find the perfect partner and become a millionaire? Why chase all these goals - ultimately it is to create "happiness" in your life.

You can be happy now. Without the six-pack. Single. Broke.

We live in our mental worlds and your thoughts are more powerful then what the bank's database says is your net worth. In a world where social media is making us more capitalistic, body conscious and envious of others that have the "ideal" life, it is time to figure out your own values and what makes you - not your parents, spouse or friends - happy.

Investing in mental wealth is by far the cheapest and best investment you will ever make - better than crypto, property or stocks and shares.

Read this short life changing book now to take your mental wealth to the next level.

Affiliate Marketing

How to Get Started Earning Online Through Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking for an opportunity to get started earning online, then Affiliate Marketing might be one of the simplest ways to get started. Thousands of companies like and will pay you a commission to help them drive sales.

An understanding of the Affiliate Marketing world can create employment for millions of people. You set the limit to what you can earn. This book will give you a great introduction to Affiliate Marketing and how to start earning with it.

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How to Create Wealth in the Internet Economy

Believe! Education, employment, media, retail, relationships and almost every industry and aspect of life has been impacted by the Internet.

Internetism is simply to strengthen your belief that the Internet will make the world a better place. For you. Your family. Your community. And everyone.

This book teaches the fundamentals of the Internet so you can take create wealth online.

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Why Americans Earn 53 Times More Than Pakistanis and How to Change That

An average Swiss makes USD 93,000 per year, an American USD 63,000, a Brit USD 41,000, an average global citizen USD 11,000 while an average Pakistani makes USD 1,200 a year.
Have you ever thought about why there is such a difference in wealth across the world?  Why do Americans make 53 times more than Pakistanis and should we and could we change that?

The Internet world has provided a huge opportunity for businesses that want to hire great talent at a fraction of the costs as well as for people that want to lift themselves out of poverty.  

Understanding the culture of wealth creation across different countries is important to be successful in the Internet economy and this book helps Western markets understand the opportunity as well as developing markets on how to accelerate wealth creation for their citizens.
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 1. Digital Entrepreneur 101 | USD 1,000

Learn To Shortcut Your Way to Digital Success

Digital Entrepreneur 101 offers:

  • 30 Days of Online Training to transform your digital life
  • 4 Weekly Live Zoom Sessions
  • WhatsApp and Facebook Group to network with other digital entrepreneurs 
  • Access to our experts
  • 30 Day 100 % Money Back Guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied

Aimed at people that want to learn about what the Internet can offer them to create or grow a business and an income. Gives you the mindset, business and Internet skills to be successful online. 

You don't know what you don't know so take a chance and learn with us backed by a guarantee so you have nothing to lose and some great knowledge and insights to gain.  Just one idea can change your life or business.

There are 7 Self-Study Modules:
 1. Youology
- learn your own goals and drivers so that you can then learn how the internet will help you be more successful
2. Wealthology - learn how wealth is created. What exactly is money and how can you create it for yourself. Which countries have more money so you can target them from your town.

3. Youism - How do you market your personal or business brand

4. ecommerce and software - How can you do business online such as targeting American customers from where you are. How can you bring apps to market

5. Video, Sales and Marketing - How can you sell what you have got

6. Productivity - How to be more productive online so you make more income per hour worked

7. Youniversity - How can you continue to learn more effectively as those with the best knowledge will will in the digital world

February 2023 Intake

There are 4 live zoom classes every Saturday in February at

7 am California / 3 pm London / 7 pm Dubai / 8 pm Pakistan/ 8.30 pm India / 10 pm Bangkok / 11 pm Singapore
Next course starts on Saturday 4th Feb, 2023 at 3 pm London time.

The course runs for 4 Saturdays and is limited to 10 students per batch.


Affiliate Commissions: 25 % or USD 250
Apply for a Student Loan
Interested? Call/SMS/WhatsApp +447733003390 or book a FREE strategy call


 2. Wealthology Weekend | USD 5,000

Spend 2 Days Talking Strategy With Amir Anzur and Experts In London

Wealthology Weekends offers:

  • 2 intense days talking digital strategy for your personal or business brand 
  • Inner circle tactics which will work for you
  • Network with other high level leaders
  • 30 Day 100 % Money Back Guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied

Sometimes taking out a couple of days to sharpen your saw will mean you can cut down trees faster.  This two day intensive weekend will be based around your business.  Less teaching and more strategizing on what will work for you for the next year and decade.  We will study you and your skills and then figure out how the Internet can help you create more wealth over the next year.

Within two days your head will start spinning with all the ideas you will get to implement in your life and business.  Remember strategy is often the difficult part and in this weekend you will get a high level strategy of what to do with your business and even your personal life.

For those that can afford it, this weekend is not to be missed.

Next Wealthology Weekend: Sat & Sun, Feb 4th and 5th, 2023 in Central London.

Affiliate Commissions: 25 % or USD 1,250
Apply for a Student Loan
Interested? Call/SMS/WhatsApp +447733003390 or book a FREE strategy call

 3. Masters of Business Creation | USD 5,000 / Month

Team of 3 Bringing Your Digital Innovation to Market

Masters of Business Creation offers:

  • 3 resources working on your vision (includes salaries, office space and all direct costs) 
  • Hiring, training and management of your resources by our team

Want to build the next Facebook or twitter but do not want to give up your day job just yet?  You can tinker with your side-hustle by having a team build your Minimum Viable Product and keep iterating it until it is successful. 

The benefit of a team over an individual is that they can bounce ideas off each other and you are less stuck if one person leaves.

Aimed at people serious about bringing an innovation to market but do not want the expense of hiring in the Western world nor the risk of leaving their day job just yet.  We will hire, mentor and manage your team who will report to you directly.  Innovation takes time and this team will keep iterating until you are successful.

Typically we hire a product manager, a front-end developer and a back-end developer and these are sufficient to bring most innovations to market.

Compare this with a standard developer that you can hire from UpWork/Fiverr etc.  Most will charge at least USD 18 per hour.  

USD 18 per hour * 8 hours a day * 5 days a week * 4 weeks = USD 2,880 per resource per month.

Our resources work 6 days a week rather than 5 days a week.  On top of this we provide them an office and mentoring so they learn quicker.

A team will deliver for you much quicker than an individual and they will motivate each other.

You can also pay for the year up front at USD 50,000 and this not only reassures your team of your longer term commitment so they have more job security, but also gives you a 17 % discount.

Affiliate Commissions: 25 % or USD 12,500 per year
Become an Investor
Interested? Call/SMS/WhatsApp +447733003390 or book a FREE strategy call

 4. Masters of Business Creation Elite | USD 15,000 / Month

Team of 10 Resources Working On Your Digital Innovation

Masters of Business Creation Elite offers:

  • 10 resources working from our offices
  • Hired, trained and managed by our team
  • For less than it costs for one engineer in Silicon Valley you get a team of 10
  • Accelerates your vision to market as you have a team of 10

You are more committed to bringing your product to market and want the sales and marketing team as well as willing to invest in more of a substantial team such as data analysts or AI experts.

If you are "All In" so that your team also feels secure with their job security than you can invest USD 150,000 for the a year which includes all salaries and costs for your team of 10 for a year - saving you 17 % while also getting more commitment from your team as they know their jobs are secure for at least a year (pending on their performance).

For comparison you would get one decent software engineer for this price in Silicon Valley and you might also have to give them equity too.

Affiliate Commissions: 25 % or USD 37,500 per year
Become an Investor
Interested? Call/SMS/WhatsApp +447733003390 or book a FREE strategy call

 5. Ultimate Digital Transformation | USD 2,000,000

Team of 18 Local and Remote for 2 Years Transforming Your Industry

Ultimate Digital Transformation offers:

  • 15 resources hired, trained and managed in our offices in Pakistan
  • 3 resources hired, trained and managed locally to your city to understand and work with the nuance of your local market
  • All salaries and office expenses for your 18 resources
  • Strategic advice from experts for your team
    The Ultimate Digital Transformation is aimed at large corporation, high net worth individuals and governments.  We will provide a specialist team such as Amir Anzur himself to think through your problem or opportunity.  This high level team will guide 15 full-time resources based in Pakistan as well as 3 full time resources that will be hired in your local city.  

    For instance, if you are a Saudi government based in Riyadh and want help to innovate around a new car purchasing process, we will supply 3 local graduates based in Riyadh along with 15 resources based in Pakistan to work on that problem for 2 years.  

Affiliate Commissions: 25 % or USD 500,000
Become an Investor
 Interested? Call/SMS/WhatsApp +447733003390 or book a FREE strategy call

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

We recruit locally within Pakistan through our networks and if you are going for the Ultimate Digital Transformation we will recruit locally through Universities or job boards in your local area.
We will first try to coach and mentor them to improve their performance. If you and the team are still not satisfied we will replace the resource with someone else free of cost.
Your team is incentivised to make you successful. They will be a part of your team and unlike most consultancies/agencies where they move to a different project they are hired specifically for your project to succeed.
Typically the team works 10 to 6 Pakistani time from Mondays to Saturdays (only Sundays off!). They get 2 days holiday per month. At the moment we don't strictly monitor the holidays as we trust them to be passionate about your product and service but if that is not the case we will closely monitor. You can also use tools like TimeDoctor to monitor your team but we do not recommend this currently.
If you want to hire a good software engineer in Silicon Valley it will set you back USD 180,000 per year. And usually unless you are technical yourself, it is difficult to hire, train and manage these resources. We do this all for you. Your team will have access to the same training that they provide in Silicon Valley and you will get a team rather than an individual. Things will go wrong - we are dealing with people after all. But we take care of most of the headaches for you.. You just have to focus on the vision and the idea and opening doors for your team and they will execute.
You can start by learning for FREE by reading one of my books. Otherwise we offer interest free student loans which you pay back when you can. For larger programs such as the MBC where we hire a team to work on your vision you can get an investor. Simply get in touch with us to say you would be interested in the program but need an investor and we can match you with someone that might be able to fund your business in exchange for equity.
There is a 20 % VAT for UK businesses. Also other costs such as hosting, travel or additional costs besides the office space and salaries are NOT covered in the agreement. We will always ask in advance before spending on anything but you can expect up to 10 % more costs depending on traffic and what you want to achieve..
You can pay via PayPal, bank transfer or debit or credit card. Contact us on +447733003930 if you have any payment issues.
Your team is based mostly in Peshawar, Pakistan working from a physical office. We believe that people learn quicker when they work together face to face. You do NOT need to visit the office but can choose to if you wish. You can have monthly, weekly or daily zoom sessions with your team to keep track on progress and ensure your vision is being implemented. We believe we can train people anywhere and this part of the world just happens to be under-priced with people hungry to succeed.
Typically they are English speaking graduates or have a few years of experience in the field that you want. If you call us (+447733003930) and we can discuss your requirements we can build your team accordingly. For instance for the MBC Elite you might have a mixture of developers and marketers. Your team will also be learning a fair bit on the job as most jobs require learning in the digital economy but we provide an environment which makes it faster for them to learn and build their confidence.
We have worked with many startups in our careers. One of the most stressful things is not being able to pay salaries as the startup or innovation runs out of funds. This way your team is secure that their money is paid. If you need a payment plan get in touch as we can be flexible. Remember though your team is relying on you to pay their salaries while they focus on bringing a great innovation to market.
Simply Call/SMS/WhatsApp Amir Anzur directly on +447733003930 and lets see how we can work together.
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