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Anwar Ahmad setup a side business and earns over USD 2,000 selling locally produced honey from Pakistan throughout the world

Soraya Chiah had never run an online business and now employs over 25 people

Angela Stevens went on to start a music consulting business

An executive gets ideas for her business

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How to create wealth in the Internet economy Learn the
why of the importance of the Internet on wealth creation
and this book will also give you some ideas on how
to accelerate your journey online. This is a must read
who feels like they still don't "get" the internet and
 want to understand the basics.


A book is a great way to build a relationship and I hope by reading my book you not only become a better person but
 also it starts a relationship between us. For the past 30 year I have always wondered about this question and these are
 some of my own views about wealth creation having spent
  time with some of the richest and poorest in the world.


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