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Roz went from never running a business to signing over EURO 7 million deals within 3 years of working with me 

Soraya had never run a digital business and was able to go from zero to employing 25 people within a year of working with me

Tina was able to expand her corporate business in the digital world after getting some digital insights 

Bobby runs a SAAS platform and was able to take his company in a new growth direction after a short strategy session with me

Speaking with me for even a short time will help you get your strategy together for the web

I don't do many events but when I do people love learning and getting inspired about Internet entrepreneurship

Apart from digital entrepreneurs,
 my corporate and government clients include:

Products and Services

There are essentially five things you can buy from me at
1. Coaching and Consulting
You can get a 15 minute or 60 minute remote coaching call with me. Or spend the day with me in London or I can come to you anywhere in the world. I also offer a 90 day transformation programme. This is all bespoke advice for your business, career or life. As a 45 year old man that has had a corporate, government and entrepreneurial career in four continents I can give you different perspectives. Having done well academically and started a family there is much you can discuss to get another viewpoint on your life or business as an executive. I have also spent thousands or dollars and hours visiting physiatrists, psychologists, life coaches, business coaches, therapists, marriage counselling, self-help seminars, reading etc so there is a lot that I can help you with. I don’t claim to be an expert in any one thing but can point you in the right direction if I can’t help.
2. Limited Edition Signed Physical 
There are only 10,000 signed and numbered limited editions of each book. Each book is numbered and the sooner you buy, the smaller your number will be. You can invest now and resell later if the price of the books goes up or simply keep as a momentum of supporting an author and dreamer.
3. Good Karma Credits
I will send you good karma Credit (luck) and something good will happen in your life within the next year. You can get good things happen in your life from as one GBP (approximately USD 1.3). This is a purely virtual product and if you believe it, it will work.
4. Masters of Business Creation
For the same investment as an Masters of Business Administration where you learn the theory of starting a business, I will help you launch a real business. For the price of one software engineer in London, we will provide you can get a team that is hired, trained and managed by us to bring your innovation to market.

5. Get your Mobile Apps and Software Built by our team
We have a good team to build apps and bring great software to market.  Contact me on +447733003930 or and we can have a discussion if we offer the right service, price, timeline for you.  At the very least you will get some good app ideas.

6. Invest in aartec
You can invest in our venture aartec in which we bring digital innovations to market. We particularly look at how Americans earn 53 times more than Pakistanis and train up resources to bring digital innovations to market. You can get in early on this venture but as with any internet ventures it is risky and do not invest what you can not afford to lose. We are confident though that we can make a good return on your investment over time. Please read Pakonomics for more about this investment opportunity.


Why do Americans earns 53 times more than Pakistanis? Why is there such a difference in wealth around the world.  This book will help you see the world differently and understand the difference in wealth and what to do about it.
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Purely by accident of birth, I got in a privileged position to be able to hang around with several multi-millionaires and a few billionaires.  This book is my study over the past 25 years on why some people and countries are rich and how the others can get there faster.  This book will give you hope and help speed up your wealth creation journey. 
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What are the different ways of generating wealth online and how can you make your share of the USD 11.5 trillion Internet economy? This book will help you understand the fundamentals of the Internet in terms of why and how people are using it to create wealth online and give you some ideas to help you take your next steps online.

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Products & Services
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