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Making the world better through creating software and teaching

I am Amir Anzur and I am an Internet entrepreneur. I have advised clients such as Amazon, Intel, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Xbox as well as the Governments of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Pakistan and United Kingdom on internet strategy, technology, marketing and innovation.

Alongside my own ventures, I help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses online. You can book a FREE Internet coaching strategy call in which I can see if my team or I can help you in anyway – or simply give you some advice on how to get to your Internet goals faster.

I provide knowledge and people to help you become successful. Either you can learn from me what has taken me over two decades to learn or I can hire people for you whom I will train and manage for you to help you become digitally successful.


A good book can really change the direction of your life.  I wanted to make my books as accessible as possible so you can download them for free (no email address to even enter!).  The books are open source so you can even edit them and become my co-author and sell them. If you prefer the physical copy, I have listed them on Amazon and they are under USD 5 so hopefully that isn't an issue with you either.

A book is a great way to build a relationship and I hope by reading my book you not only become a better person but also it starts a relationship between us.

We@lthology - Why some countries and people are rich and how the others can catch up faster 

An average American earns USD 63,000 per year while an average Pakistani earns USD 1,500 per year.  Why is there such a difference in wealth? 

For the past 30 years I have always wondered about this question and these are some of my own views about wealth creation having spent time with some of the richest and poorest in the world.

Internetism - How to create wealth in the Internet economy 

Learn the why of the importance of the Internet on wealth creation and this book will also give you some ideas on how to accelerate your journey online.  This is a must read who feels like they still don't "get" the internet and want to understand the basics.

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Its important to stay motivated if you want to achieve success. Motivation is like fuel that runs out overtime and you need to constantly "refuel"  it if you wish to reach your goals. thats why you should subscribe to my newsletter to get that boost you need every week.

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• Roz Martin, who went from never having run a business to running a multi-million pound health and beauty business (here is a newspaper article a few years later talking about her EURO 7 million deal and another about another EURO 1 million deal

• Fatima also had never setup a website and now runs where she earns over USD 200,000 per year selling cake supplies online
• Aamnah went from earning less than $200 per month freelancing to becoming the top 1 % of earners in her country.    

Soraya Chiah had never run an online business and now employs over 25 people

Bruno hired some of our resources

Student learning marketing for his company  

An executive gets ideas for her business

Anwar Ahmad setup a side business and earns over USD 2,000 selling locally produced honey from Pakistan throughout the world

Angela Stevens went on to start a music consulting business

A lady drives 4 hours from Muscat to Dubai just for my event

Sean attended one of my events

Some more love for my event

More love from London 

Some more love from April and Jon

Majid Mushtaq with over 177,000 subscribers on YouTube started with Webpreneur Academy

Coaching & Consulting

If you would like to rent me or my team's brains and help you achieve your digital goals faster than you can sign up for a coaching and consulting program.

To signup either call now on +447733003930 or book a free consultation call.

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